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Parents’ Views on Our School’s Continued Improvement

“Congratulations to Mr Bulpitt and Mrs Rhodes, you are steering this school to a new direction and heights. The teachers’ motivation (and students’) seems to be on the rise.” – North parent YR

“I like the accessibility of the head and deputy headteacher. I am also very proud of The Board (school governors). It is commendable” – Avery parent Y6

The school made a significant decision to promote reading, develop children’s spelling, punctuation and grammar and phonic work. We spent over £10,000 on purchasing ‘Bug Club’. This included new structured reading books, on-line homework and access to texts at home, training including phonics, spelling and grammar as well as structuring Daily Guided Reading Lessons at 9am for all classes. The school also introduced My Maths and spelling and grammar homework.

The impact of the improvements have been shown in the increase in pupil’s attainment and progress across the school. Furthermore, the children’s survey showed overwhelmingly that pupils enjoyed Bug Club and My Maths homework. Similarly parents commented during their consultation evenings that:

“Really pleased that we have Bug Club, My Maths and spellings – it has been a great help for us and her progress” – Archery parent Y1

“We feel that My Maths and Bug Club are a progressive step” – Chaucer parent Y5

The school has also developed and promoted high quality feedback marking this year. Focused questions with opportunities for pupils to respond and develop their learning has been key to the progress made by all pupils this year. Parents have acknowledged the improvements:

“Good marking techniques have meant that (my son) is able to identify next target areas for improvement. Thank you”
– Chaucer parent Y5

“We are very pleased with the comments used on (our daughter)’s work” – Roper parent Y6

“I am really happy with my child’s progress this year, and can see that he is being pushed to achieve and learn to his full potential by his teacher.  It appears that she gives 100% to each child in her class – thank you!” – Roper parent Y6

Active learning for all pupils in all lessons continues to be a key feature of the school’s improvement plan. Teachers have developed their teaching strategies and senior leaders have modelled lessons and monitored delivery of lessons to ensure that all pupils are making rapid and sustained progress in lessons. Parents’ comments included:

“Thank you so much for supporting my child.  He has had an amazing year – he is always happy, and can’t wait to go to school every day!” – Tarn parent Y2

“Thank you for helping making learning enjoyable and fun for my child.  A joy of learning is being developed.” – Nesbit parent Y4