Is your child's work in the Golden Book? Come and see the outstanding work that has been going on in Reception!

Cathryn is extremely creative.  Not only does she spend time carefully planning and making creations, she shares her knowledge with her friends. Luca has been trying hard in Maths lately and he is also a polite, helpful and kind member of the class. Excellent work  Cathryn and Luca.

Ayrton has been working really hard and he never gives up.  Well done!  Aneek has been working incredibly hard with his reading, recently moving up a level.  Congratulations boys!

Melissa has worked really hard on her writing – using her sounds carefully to write the words.  Amirla has been resilient when using the outside area and is now able to get across the monkey bars.  Sophie always demonstrates the school values and is willing to help others.  Laryn also demonstrates the school values and is always caring towards others.  Congratulations for getting your work into the Golden Book!

Freddy has become a confident reader and is independently segmenting longer words, this has also enabled him to produce some lovely writing this week.  Ruby’s confidence is really starting to show.  Her sounds and blending are brilliant and she is starting to segment longer words.  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work Freddy and Ruby!