Is your child's work in the Golden Book? Come and see the outstanding work that has been going on in Reception!

Valen has enjoyed nature club and has looked after his sunflower and strawberry plant really well.  Keira works hard and tries her best in all that she does.  Amelia is always kind and loving to her friends and is a very thoughtful young lady.  Olivia has worked really hard recently on applying her phonic knowledge to her reading, persevering and improving in confidence.

Shaveen has worked hard on his listening and attention skills.  He has also been working hard on his reading and comprehension skills.  Isabelle has been working incredibly hard in all areas of her learning, especially phonics.

Emmie is getting much more confident at sharing her ideas and answering questions, well done!  Alexandra is always polite and helpful.  She shows a real caring side and is an active member of the class.  Warren has been trying really hard to play well with others and has developed some really good friendships.  Archie is a good friend who always listens and contributes to whole class group discussions.

Sonia is always polite, kind and helpful and consistently demonstrates our school values.  She also puts 100% effort into everything she does.  Tyrone-Romeo has worked incredibly hard with his writing – independently continuing onto a second page.  Daniel has made a real improvement in the way he tackles carpet sessions, freely answering questions and this is paying off in his work.  Iris has shown great enthusiasm for our class discussions on growing, she has a great knowledge in this area which she has willingly shared with the class. Well done to you all!