– Reading Pledge

Two children sitting on the carpet reading their books

Eltham Church of England Reading Pledge

At Eltham Church of England Primary School, we follow the programmes of study for English which are set out year-by-year for Key Stage 1 and two-yearly for Key Stage 2. The single year blocks at Key Stage 1 reflect the rapid pace of development in word reading during these two years. Our Long Term Plan for writing and reading highlights the texts, skills and progression of expectations and outcomes from Year 1 to Year 6, ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum and progression of expectation for each genre through a child’s time at Eltham Church of England Primary School


Eltham Church of England Reading Pledge


  • Ensure Reading for Pleasure is being timetabled and promoted.
  • Ensure reading materials are inclusive and representative of the community we live in.
  • Identify a school governor to have special responsibility for reading.
  • Ensure the texts which support our taught literacy and reading curriculum are aligned to national curriculum expectations, will stimulate enquiry and share new experiences.
  • Provide timely and practical support to parents (reading lists, reading workshops, tackling reluctant readers etc.)


  • Engage in six reading celebration events each year.
  • Make time available for children to share and celebrate their reading choices.
  • Provide daily reading to/read aloud activities.
  • Provide all children with access to a rich and varied selection of reading materials.
  • Ensure the renewal of reading materials reflect children’s preferences.


  • Encourage reading, its importance in our lives and an interest in words.
  • Make time to sit and read aloud with your child most days.
  • Talk to them about what they have read; predict, enquire and praise effort.