Building fitness, self-esteem, creativity and competition through physical education

Our Physical Education intent and curriculum offer

PE is a key focus at Eltham Church of England Primary School promoting health related fitness. We encourage self-analysis and raise pupil’s self-esteem whilst providing opportunities for pupils to be creative and competitive.  We achieve this through a wide range of activities including dance, gymnastics, games, swimming and orienteering.   In key stage 2 children are coached in athletics, golf, tennis and small sided games such as netball, football, basketball and cricket.

The Children’s Health Project forms part of our medium term planning. It is a scheme of work designed to strengthen and develop children’s physical and mental health, and develop and understanding of a healthy lifestyle.


Post COVID restrictions, we aim to provide 100% of pupils with two hours of high quality PE and School Sport within and beyond the curriculum. In addition, regularly weekly skipping.

Teaching and Learning Styles:

All lessons should include:

  • Appropriate warm-up with health related discussion using correct technical vocabulary.
  • Acquiring and developing new skills and reinforcement of old.
  • Using and applying skills in a situation.
  • Warm down.
  • Reference back to objectives and language learnt.

PE curriculum planning:

PE is planned in units within year groups and where possible we link PE to the cross curricular topics covered as part of the wider curriculum offer.

PE Curriculum Overview


Inclusion and Differentiation: 

All children must have regular access to PE appropriate to their stage of development.  Challenge for all is integral to our teaching and we aim to encourage all pupils to reach their full potential through the provision of varied opportunities and skills demonstrated within lessons.  Lessons must be differentiated to aid children’s learning.  Also, more-able children should be given open-ended tasks and be given opportunities for further research and more challenging studies to ensure that they have opportunities to work at an exceeding level.  We recognise that our curriculum planning must allow pupils to gain a progressively deeper understanding and competency as they move through our school and any specific individual’s needs must be identified in their IEPs.

Equipment & Resources

PE takes place on the MUGA (Multi Utility Games Area),in the junior and infant playground and in the hall. Markings on the junior playground are for netball, basketball, small-sided football and short tennis.  We use the Eltham Centre for swimming and in the summer we use Eltham Park South for tennis and cricket.