Themed Week – “HOW Does It Work?”

Exploring science and technology - asking "How does it work?"

Thank you to all our families who visited our HOW week Exhibition Evening last week. It was such a fitting celebration of another fantastic themed week. A wealth of experiences have been enjoyed this week which has truly enriched the children’s learning.  During this week we have:

  • Built 3D structures which are taller than we are and understood how we can work together to achieve
  • Using Virtual Reality technology, understood how light works and its relationship with different types of habitats.
  • Coded Lego vehicles
  • Used the latest CAD software to bring a design idea to life
  • Built our own vehicles using a range of materials and powered them in different ways
  • Understood how fireworks work and designed our own
  • Made ice cream using salt in a brilliant chemistry workshop   
  • Visited organisations in London who helped us understand some future careers
  • Explored how the brain works and its relationship with our movement, thoughts, feelings, senses and memory. 
  • Built clocks, of various sorts, and taken part in an eTwinning project with a school in Germany
  • Conducted surveys
  • Got to grips with water, how it reaches our homes and how it falls from the sky.
  • Explored forces like friction and gravity in really practical ways
  • Presented interactive science experiments to younger learners

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the HOW week competition and particularly to the winners from each class who were:

Jay Kumar and Vibhanshu Singh (paired entry)

Rina Yang and Teresa Roman (paired entry)

Maxim Kuchinsky  

Gloria Bellone

Adonai Mussie

Yasmin Gobetti

Lucas Baughan

Sahimma Nagpal

Brodie Baker

James Malia

Iris Luo

Tia Shen

Paul Rabourdin

Ayome Adegboye

David Bowles

Leon Pathmaseelan

Sonia Khan

Ayrton Lima Evans

Cathryn Berry

Anish Panchal

Annis Debell (whole school winner)

Lilly Allen

Samuel Bull

Adrian Agnoti

James Wetherall

Isabella and Sophia Gayduk (whole school winners)

Science shows
Making ice cream from Salt
Making bath bombs
Coding with Engineering Minds
Making and breaking circuits
Fun with friction
Investigating water at ICE
London Transport Museum
Tower Bridge
Investigating materials
Powering vehicles in different ways
Water cycle modelling
Science shows
Exploring environments
Fruit clocks
Water clocks
Chemistry at the Salters’ Company
Investigating buoyancy
More map skills