Themed Week – International Performing Arts

Summer 2019 Themed Week - Encouraging Performance Across the Curriculum

Music and Performing Arts

At Eltham Church of England Primary School, we believe that the arts should be central to a rounded education for all our pupils. We have seen how arts activities help develop the capacity to formulate and communicate ideas and emotions. They enhance perceptual skills through responding, synthesizing and evaluating, and physical skills through the control and use of movement.  Involvement in the arts helps to foster a positive attitude among our children by developing a wide range of qualities such as cooperation, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, tenacity and ambition.

We are passionate about providing as many opportunities as possible for children to experience and develop their performing arts skills. Throughout the school calendar, pupils are given the opportunity to perform in a variety of contexts for different purposes: from various celebrations, to the KS1 nativity and the KS2 end of year production as well as a weekly performing arts club, and our third theme week of 2018/19 our International Performing Arts Week in June 2019.

International Performing Arts Week – The Button Box

What our parents said:

“An absolutely amazing performance from all year groups. Children learn so much when they’re taught creatively. Your activity weeks ROCK!!”

“Just loved it! A heart warming performance and such a hugely important thing to encourage confidence and inclusion – equally as important as the academic side. Thrilled to have been part of it!”

“Thank you! I was really struck by the fact that all the kids – even the Y6 boys – were really getting involved, singing and dancing. Nobody was too cool to be there. Please do this again. Maybe with live music next time?”

“Another superb themed week. What a spectacular show with everyone involved and most importantly, celebrating culture and creativity. Eltham CofE should be very proud, us as parents are. Well done!”

“Thank you for putting all the effort and dedication into this marvellous show. The school in unity is amazing! (A theme for future activity week – the universe.)”

“What an absolutely fantastic show! The children clearly enjoyed every minute as did the audience. It’s great that Eltham encourage performing arts”

“The Button Box was utterly uplifting for the wh0le school community – congratulations to all!”

“My son really enjoyed International Performing Arts week and it broadened his interest in music and drama. Another great themed week”


At Eltham Church of England Primary School, we know that music promotes positivity, self-confidence and a sense of community. It therefore permeates our everyday practice, whether through singing assemblies, creative curriculum teaching or events, extra-curricular activities or music lessons. Over the course of their school lives, our children will begin to develop an awareness of the different interrelated dimensions of music through listening to, composing and performing music. Year 4-6 children are invited to represent the school in our popular school choir. Our celebrations at St John’s Church are often accompanied by the choir as are a range of local community and charity events