Themed Week – Healthy Heart, Happy Heart

Running, dancing, skipping, nutrition & learning how to live well in 2022 and beyond.

Healthy Heart, Happy Heart Week focused on developing our children’s understanding of living a healthy lifestyle. When planning the activities we considered both physical and mental wellbeing. We used the Children’s Health Project to assist in the planning. This project offers a holistic approach to physical health and mental well-being. As you can see from the timetable the children were kept very active all week. We had great fun taking part in the skipping workshops, with some of our older children learning some very complicated skipping techniques. Miss Kerri got us all dancing on the MUGA and Twist and Fizz Tennis Club delivered excellent workshops for all pupils from Year 2 to Year 6, at Eltham Park South. Mrs Leccacorvi shared her knowledge of nutrition, teaching all the children about rainbow foods and pupils in KS2 learnt some basic first aid. In addition to the activities on the timetable, the teachers were very creative in planning some exciting and creative activities to complete their timetables. Sports Day, at Sutcliffe Park, was also a great success, with all children participating in a wide range of field and track activities, encouraged enthusiastically by Mr Wills on the megaphone.

Along with the daily activities we also included dance and breathing and meditation workshops for parents and children, before and after school on Tuesday and Thursday.

As with all our theme weeks, the stars were the children, who took part with enthusiasm, demonstrated resilience, and showed the utmost respect for visitors, adults and peers alike, some of our core values.

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