Themed Week – Maths is Magic

A problem-solving extravaganza!

It was a pleasure to welcome back our families on Friday 11th February 2022 for our Maths is Magic Exhibition afternoon. It was a very timely and fitting celebration of another fantastic themed week in which our children were able to work mathematically in a range of different contexts. Logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills were used to solve authentic problems, build on our resilience and have a little bit of fun! The feedback from children and parents alike has been overwhelmingly positive.

During this week we have:

  • Enjoyed a magic performance
  • Taken part in an Escape Room or Puzzle Workshop
  • Conducted surveys, recorded and presented results
  • Completed research, developed and delivered a formal presentation
  • Designed, made and played maths inspired games
  • Met Dr Colorado Smith and helped him in his whole school Egyptian mission
  • Hunted for treasure
  • Made maths inspired art: shape robots, parabolic curves, tessellations, geometric floor decoration
  • Planned and costed a party or a picnic
  • Programmed Bee bots
  • Participated in a whole school loop game challenge
  • Used maps to locate answers in a treasure hunt
  • Completed a cookery timeline
  • Investigated the unhealthiest chocolate and crisp snack on the market
  • Learnt how to use Times Tables Rock Stars
  • Solved French number problems
  • Worn pattern to school


Congratulations to Mills Class and Shaw Brooke Class who won their respective loop game challenge in KS1 and KS2.

And congratulations to everyone who took part in the Maths Game competition and particularly to the winners and runners up from each class who were:

Class Winner Runner up
Bek Violet Annie
Mills Ezra Olivia
Tarn Yan Isla
Archery Teddy Lois
Shaw Brooke Joshua Lilly
Sherard Ayyan Noemi
Gregory Daniel Hayley
Nesbit Emilie Jayden
Grace Danait Joelle, Aurora, Evie
Chaucer Isabella Naomi
Roper Michaela Chelsea
Avery Caitlin William