Art Award – Wild Art

The Eltham Church of England School Art Award held each year in tribute of Nick McKerney a long standing governor of our school who championed a love and respect for ‘The Arts’, was operated remotely this year and what a fantastic response we received.

In total, over 200 entries were received from our youngest learners in our nursery provision right up to our Year 6 children. The quality of the outcomes were overwhelming.

Children were asked to respond to the the theme of ‘Wild Art’ by creating a piece which interpreted this theme creatively and used a composition which exploited their ideas fully.

All shortlisted entries are shown here -congratulations to you all!

Our overall winners were:

UKS2 – Beatrice Hartfree

LKS2 – Brittany Meya

KS1 – Megan Ngo

EYFS – Annabel Parsons

Our runners-up were:

UKS2 – Darcey Wilks

LKS2 – Oliver Howard

KS1 – Nicolas Bruj-Milasan

EYFS – Dylan King

Our Highly Commended entrants were:

UKS2 – Sophia Pasha

LKS2 – David Avery Bowles

KS1 – Keira Donnelly

EYFS – Kisiwane Costa Alegre


A socially distanced prize giving ceremony took place on 30th June.


Beatrice Hartfree – Winner, UKS2
Jacob Stone
Verity Mason
Sophia Pasha – Highly Commended
Eleanor Rix
Jay Kumar
Alicia Abbey
Anastasiea Grati
Noah Dooley
Darcey Wilks – Runner-up LKS2
Ellen Duncan
Sahhima Nagpal
Pia Black
Ruby Rix
Tarkan Behcet
Max Morris
Belle Dowler
Heuy Ward
Neil Kumar
Grace Welch
James Malia
Jalen Mendros
Matilda Houghton-Boyle
Arlo Handsford
Cassia Jarrett-Thorpe
Evie and Maya Pearson
David Avery Bowles – Highly Commended LKS2
Arley Pearce
Oliver Howard – Runner-up LKS2
Jack Webber
Samuel Snape
Ellie Pitt
Taylan Behcet
Seth Farrar
Brittany Meya – Winner, LKS2
Amelia Ghani
Eden Banks
Sophie Vana
Megan Ngo – Winner, KS1
Keira Donnelly, Highly Commended
Jayden Shen Pilla
Sophia Currie
Mason Abbey
Annis Debell
Eliza Robinson
Millie Forrest
Elsa Dunleavy
James Metherell
Tiago Pletka
Poppy Wright
Annabel Parson, Winner, EYFS
Daisy and Frank Oliver
Harlow Baker
Kisiwane Costa Alegre, Highly Commended, EYFS
Shabhanshu Singh
Erin Sinclair Smith
Dylan King, Runner-up, EYFS
Aviela Akintunde
Nicolas Bruj-Milasan, Runner-up, KS1
Sophia Gayduk
Highly Commended
Highly Commended
Runners up
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