Giving your child the best opportunity to do well.

The school day

08:45The gates open
08:55The school day starts


10:30KS1 play
10:45KS2 play

Lunch time

11:30Nursery lunch (1 hour)
11:45Reception lunch (1 hour)
12:00KS1 lunch (1 hour)
12:15Lower KS2 lunch (1 hour)
12:30Upper KS1 lunch (1 hour)

Afternoon playtime

14:00KS1 play

Home time

15:25Home time for EYFS and KS1
15:30Home time for KS2


The children are expected to attend school both regularly and punctually so that their education and progress is not affected. It is our aim that all children have an attendance record of over 95% for the year and as close to 100% as possible.

If children are not well enough to attend school parents must inform the office initially by phone or email and should be followed by a letter on return to school.

If children have an appointment during school time they should attend for part of the school day.

No holidays are authorised by the school in term time but parents may apply for special leave of absence to the Head teacher if there is an exceptional circumstance.

Fast Track

The school is continuing with the ‘Fast Track’ scheme this academic year. As such, there are thresholds at which a child’s absence is monitored and, even if every absence is supported by a letter, parents will be informed by letter that their child has crossed that threshold and their attendance will be monitored.

A child’s overall absence is monitored by the Attendance Advisory Officer and if a child’s overall absence is below 90% then parents may be invited to meet with the Attendance Advisory Officer to discuss their child’s attendance.

90% attendance each school year may sound good, but this represents half a day a week’s absence and taken over a five year period this would mean that half a year of education has been missed.

The school is here to support you and if you are experiencing any problems in getting your child to school we encourage you to contact us so we can solve the situation.